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This blog contains inspirations, tutorials and general crafty musings and goings on!

I'm a very hands on person with many interests including textiles and fashion, making, baking and gardening. Hopefully you'll find some useful bits of information, or just some good reading in this blog!


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  1. The Jellybean, and this blog, has been somewhat of an absent feature during the past year which I can only apologise for. There are many real world boring reasons for this which I won't go into in huge detail! The normal real life things though, new job, new house! The new house section however does bring the positives along with the negatives! I finally have an elusive space all of my own to craft in. A place where I can just close the door and get on without worrying about the chaos I'm creating around me.

    Having this new space reminded me of why I started the Jellybean in the first place and though we may not do many fairs in the near future, or at all, we are making a concerted effort to update our shop, our blog and our features to ensure new and fresh content is available.

    We'd like to take this chance to thank all our supporters, those who have been with us from the beginning and those who are new! It's you who we do it for and we hope that we're bringing a ray of sunshine one Jellybean item at a time!

    All our love

    The Jellybabies xx

  2. So I’ve not blogged in a while, it’s not because I don’t have anything to say, but mostly because I have a lot of blog posts I’ve not finished! I’m currently working my way through them to bring them to your beautiful eyes!

    Until then here are some photographs from my weekend visiting family in Fife! We’re selling my Grandparents home so I took a visit up there one last time to take some photos of the things I remember the most!

  3. Ok, so I have a lot of bags and maybe I shouldn't be so excited but I went to Matalan to buy some last minute festival supplies before I headed off to Latitude and even though I didn't need it, I really couldn't leave this bag behind!

    Look at it! How can you resist it's little face? It's meant to be a fox, but I think it's a squirrel, and there have been some who've said owl! But who cares about names!!

  4. I work in a Sixth Form College by day, craft ninja by night. Every year when the summer term ends we have a bit of a do in our main hall where staff who are leaving (mostly retiring) give a little leaving speech and we can all pat ourselves on the back for a year well done.

    This year we had a great cake bake off! It was a fab idea as last year we did an afternoon tea theme so entry forms were sent out, judges were cajoled and plots were made for which cake to bake to win!