About Us


Aquamarine Jellybean was born out of many things, a frustration in a job, a lack of 'me time' but more importantly a desire to have things which weren't readily available on the high street. I own almost one of everything I make! I know there are other people with the same style and likes as me and I feel that sometimes the high street can't provide what I want and some other handmade items or websites can be charging over the odds for something I can make for much less!

We pride ourselves on the quality of what we make, we wouldn't offer anything for sale that we wouldn't be prepared to own ourselves.

We believe that handmade shouldn't cost the earth but should be a fair and accurate price for the supplies, time and skills put into the work.

We make everything as if it were for a close friend, there's a lot of love and care which goes into our products which isn't always seen.

Supporting this business doesn't pay my wages, it doesn't pay my bills or support my family. I do this for fun, I enjoy it! Supporting this business supports a passion, a hobby and genuine love for what I do. You remind me every day that this challenge was and is worth every single second. Even those moments when I've glued myself to something, the website crashes or I get to a fair and realise I didn't pack a tablecloth!